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[IP] High BG Update - Bad Insulin

Well after nearly two weeks the nightmare has cruised to a stop.    My 
escalating highs Turned out to be from'bad' Humalog - two bottles in a row - 
more than likely from the same lot, and certainly on the same prescription.  
Never had bad insulin in 35 years!  In my younger years I hitchiked through 
Guatemala with insulin, unrefridgerated in my backpace without problems.  In 
the tropics! Hot.  Course Humalog is not as stable.

Don't know whether it came that way [ and no, sorry to say, I didn't notify 
Eli Lilly of the problem with lot 3's in hand, (I threw out both bottles as 
soon as I figured it ou.)], or whether I ruined it inadvertently by heat or 
something. I've had the bottles about 5 months.
Anyone know the shelf life on Humalog - refridgerated, that is.????

I had opened a new bottle when all this started, but didn't think to check 
the lot #'s or dates.  I finally decided to just 'try' out the backup bottle 
I bought last week and voila within 1 hour I was going hypo (since I'd 
doubled all my basals and it didn't take long for my body to respond to the 
stronger insulin.

I think it's wise to remember that when insulin goes bad it doesn't not work 
outright, it loses potency-  in my case about 45% - or just enough to work 
'a little' but not enough.  Put it on your check list guys and date that 
refriderator group with a black marker, to avoid the issue.

Many thanks to all those who responded so readily.  I was scared - and a 
Veteran at that!

Love to all,
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