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[IP] Re: Back to Cereal again... -- update

<part of my original post>
<<I definitely would not bolus anything after a 1 hour check. Even with
using Humalog, you still have 76% of humalog still to go! After 2 hours,
you still have 36% to go. After 3 hours, only 15%.  >>

<part of RoseLea's post>
<My CDE tells me that in their experience they have found that about 50%
of the humalog is used up in the first hour.  With your figures of 76%
left, that's as slow as Regular.  (The Pumping Insulin Book shows about
80% of Regular left after one hour.)  I trust my CDE and Care Team's

Hi RoseLea,

Not to belabor this, but while my figures may not be correct (they are
taken from the graph that comes with every humalog bottle), I doubt very
strongly that 50% of humalog is used up in the first hour. (Have others
on this list heard or experienced this??)

Regular takes a much longer time to get going, and always peaks around 3
hours. With humalog, the peak is more like 2 hours, so it is quite a bit
faster than regular. But there's still a good bit of insulin (1/3 the
amount) around between 2 and 3 hours.

No problem with testing after 1 hour (as far as I'm concerned, the more
testing the better--that's why I'm hoping for a continuous monitor
sometime soon!), but I would still recommend also checking after 2 at
least sometimes.



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