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[IP] advantages

Jusy asked
>  (is anyone still doing that?) what is the
>  advantage of e-mail?  

i personally get the digest, which I rapidly scroll through to see if there 
is anything that interests me.  having been on IP for almost 3 years, we tend 
to see a LOT of  the same information/questions, but more importantly in the 
long run is that I have developed on-line relationships and LIVE friendships 
with a lot of people!  Using the digest, I can scan quickly for things they 
write.  I look for things that I have experience on that I can write back 
on....and I can try to stay caught up on the jokes and humor that life with 
diabetes, pumps, and so-called medical professionals brings to us every day.  
I use IP less as a source of information, and more as the source of my 
inspiration.  It is my virtual support group...If i went to the browser 
version, I wouldn't have they daily interaction with the PEOPLE!!! and I 
would just get frustrated if I had the email version

To date, I have met: Buddy Barber, Michelle Rands/Piper, Anne Muse, 
Nita/Jessica/Jarrod Herrington, Sandra Byrd, Jeff , Mark Capozoli, Mary 
Bacon, Yerachmiel, Greg Legowski, Jan "Stillow" Chiat and Elvis, Fran B, Brad 
Saks, Di Maynard,  Leslie Bagwill, Janine Shea, Stu Pelcyger, and I am sure I 
have forgotten some one...

This past weekend, Leslie Bagwill was visiting me, and Mark Capozoli drove up 
to meet us...it was fun!

There are a few more on my list to meet....I will let you all know next time 
I get on a plane!

JP Sara
"just plain"
:-)=B xoxx~~~~~~~~~~~~~[507]     --------> note the TWO eyes!!!  and see the 
long tubing which I am using this week.  god I had forgotten how LONG these 
suckers were!!!
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