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Re: [IP] bubbles in reservoir

Dawn wrote:

<<Once you have the cap back on the reservoir, bang it on the table for
30 seconds or so (vertically, of course).  This makes a lot of the bubbles
float to the top of the reservoir.  Insert it into the pump.  I leave my
pump standing vertically when I prime the tubing, this forces the air at the
top of the reservoir into the tubing and then out, of course.  Hope

My CDE tells me to hit it with a pen.  That works well too (a fat pen like a
mini marker works real well).  And, I didn't prime vertically once and I
couldn't believe all the bubbles that ended up in the tubing.  Those buggers
seem to get manufactured when that cartridge is in the pump and you can't
easily see it!  Anyways, so now I have a note to tell myself to prime with
the pump sitting upright on the table.

Assimilated with Max, 5-15-2000

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