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Re: [IP] Re: Back to Cereal again... -- update

At 10:23 AM 5/23/00 RoseLea wrote:
 >My CDE tells me that in their experience they have found that about 50% of
 >the humalog is used up in the first hour.  With your figures of 76% left,
 >that's as slow as Regular.  (The Pumping Insulin Book shows about 80% of
 >Regular left after one hour.)  I trust my CDE and Care Team's experience,
 >they've worked with this much longer than I have and have handled more cases
 >than I can imagine.  As I said before, this testing schedule works great the
 >rest of the day, I only have problems at breakfast.  And, as always, YMMV.

Everyone IS different. Based on my own personal experience, my Humalog does 
not peak until 3 hours later for me. What your CDE has quoted is based on 
averages... unfortunately not all of us are average. So, your own personal 
experience can be an excellent guide to modify the "average" numbers that 
you were given.


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