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[IP] Re: Back to Cereal again... -- update

Todd wrote:

<<I definitely would not bolus anything after a 1 hour check. Even with
using Humalog, you still have 76% of humalog still to go! After 2 hours,
you still have 36% to go. After 3 hours, only 15%.  >>

My CDE tells me that in their experience they have found that about 50% of
the humalog is used up in the first hour.  With your figures of 76% left,
that's as slow as Regular.  (The Pumping Insulin Book shows about 80% of
Regular left after one hour.)  I trust my CDE and Care Team's experience,
they've worked with this much longer than I have and have handled more cases
than I can imagine.  As I said before, this testing schedule works great the
rest of the day, I only have problems at breakfast.  And, as always, YMMV.

Assimilated with Max, 5/15/2000

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