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Re: [IP] Browser vs E-mail

<< but I wonder if I'm  missing anything.  Unless you are paying for
internet access by the hour (is anyone still doing that?) what is the
advantage of e-mail? >>


I've been a "browser person" for about a year now -- and I used to be one
of the admins -- I find the browser option to be a true convenience. As far
as I can tell, the only disadvantage to the browser option is that the list
is only updated every 30 minutes, so some of the mail is delayed. I can
live with this. It is slightly more complicated to reply to messages with
the browser, but it isn't hard. You just have to copy and paste the
pertinent part of the original message into your reply, set it off with
some "<<" and ">>" marks (see above), and copy and paste the subject line.
Again, I can live with this. Using the browser frees me to only look at the
posts that interest me, it's easier to follow than the digest, and my
mailbox isn't clogged up. It's especially nice when I go away for the
weekend :-)

For anyone who wants to investigate this option, you can see what the
browser is like by going to the "members only" page of the IP website. All
members have access to the browser. Mail is filed by month and year. If you
like what you see, and you want to switch to the browser-only version of
the list, then you should write to the admins at <Help@insulin-pumpers.org>
and tell them whether you are currently getting the regular "as it comes
in" mail delivery or the digest, and that you want to switch to the browser
only version. They can switch you. With a browser subscription, you still
have full member privileges -- you can still reply to and post messages,
participate in chats, and use the search engine.  But don't just
"unsubscribe" and expect to have browser access. You must be an IP member
in some way to have access to the mail archives, the search engine, and the
chat rooms.

Mary Jean
IP member since 1997

for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
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