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[IP] Avoiding Bubbles

Someone wrote:

"First of all, bubbles aren't magic. They're present because either they
were _pushed_ into the tubing (from trapped air) or _pulled_ into the
tubing (from a loose fitting)."

(I have to add)

There is another source of bubbles in the set.  It from dissolved air.  An
Insulin vial with some air in it stored in the fridge will dissolve air into the
liquid.  When that bottle is removed from the cool storage it will be forced to
release air bubbles.  So one solution is to keep the air pressure low inside the
bottle and to let the vial warm up to room temp, or better, before you fill the

We have been using cartridges for pens.  They have no air above them and will
fill a reservior just right.  When we have used them we have not seen any
bubbles and we saw a lot using the warming method.

Hopefully we have popped your bubble.

Curtis Lomax

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