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[IP] Let THEM eat cake...

Hi list members, 

I've had diabetes just over 10 years now (guess I should be kicking the
bucket any minute... <vbg> afterall, I've been on insulin for 10 years!)
and today is my birthday. I'm writing about this because last night I
realized that I've FINALLY reached the point where I think it is OK to NOT
have a birthday cake. For the past ten years, I've struggled with the
birthday cake issue. For the first few years, I always felt saddened about
the cake. We tried those sugar-free mixes, but as you all know, they just
aren't the same. Then, after 7 years, I got a pump, and cake was no longer
a "no-no." However, I still have trouble figuring the carbs for cake, and
it was always a bit of an adventure to see if I could get my blood sugar to
come out right. This year, I have made the decision that I don't have to
have cake for my birthday. There! That's a gift to myself.... I'll save
myself the agony of the blood sugar war. I believe this frame of mind is
only possible for me because I know that I COULD have cake if I wanted it
-- I'm in control of the decision, not the other way around.

I don't know why I can't manage the carbs for cake. I'm really good at
counting carbs for everything else. My last A1c was 6.5 -- I'm happy. So,
instead of the cake, I'll have a candy bar. Believe it or not, I can manage
a Baby Ruth bar and come out just fine blood-sugar-wise. Just not cake....

Mary Jean
age 38
dx  23 Apr 1990 with IDDM
dx 11 Apr 2000 with non-Hodkgins Lymphoma
I'm going to skip the month of April from now on....

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