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[IP] Pumping

Hi All,
YMMV - Your mileage may vary

Just finished reading the last digest (May 22) and there are so many people 
interested in going on the pump, many new people still having initial 
problems, and such interesting news on all the diabetic doctors who wear a 
pump and yet may not prescribe them.

In reading all this I realized that after 4.5 years on a pump, my whole 
life is so much healthier.  I have occasional lows, and occasional highs, 
but, you know what, I just realized I have not had a high above 250 in over 
two years and it used to be a very common occurrence to have 400s.  The 
rare over-200s I have now is always a bad site or a wrong guess on carbs, 
or when I forgot that tablespoon of low fat peanut butter I ate.

To the lady with the itchy sites, 99% sure it is the tape causing the 
problem...I have skin allergies and it took me over a month to find the 
right tape.  Your CDE or Pump company will send you samples to try.

Everyone should read "Pumping Insulin".   It is the best Bible for pumper 
and answers every questions that you could think of.  I didn't have it when 
I first started.  This group told me about it and it is pretty bedraggled 
by now.

It takes some time to get all the basals figured out.  Charting helped me a 
lot cause you see the patterns easier.  About the time you have everything 
down pat,   something changes in your body and you have to adjust again. 
 That is just the way it is. And it is still easier than the old MDI 
(multiple daily injections) days.

I know I am rambling, it is just that the PUMP has made such a wonderful 
difference in my life. It has made me able to live "a normal healthy active 
life".  I didn't start on it till I was 54 year old.  It is so wonderful 
that kids are getting on it at such early ages.   I will always be in awe 
of the parents of diabetic children...You are wonderful and a special place 
in heaven is reserved for all of you.

If you are thinking about the pump, and you want better control of your 
diabetes and less chances of complications...

Bonnie Richardson

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