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Re: [IP] blood at site

- I had blood at the button also about 2 wks ago when I got up in the 
morning. I almost paniced because I was out of town and there was no one to 
ask and I was at a dog show and had to get into the building and in the 
ring. So I left it and hoped for the best and checked my BS every hr. or 2. 
They stayed fairly good so I figured the tubing was not plugged. On Mon. I 
called MiniMed.  They said you should change it, but today when I saw my 
diabetes educator (who is also on a MiniMed pump), she said I handled it the 
right way. But you should probably check with your CDE or Dr. to be sure 
this is OK FOR YOU. Oh yes, by the next morn or evening the blood had 
Regarding shower - you mean you cannot disconnect from your pump for a  
shower?That's what I do, but I don't leave the pump in the steamy bathroom'
           Good luck,  Sue DePinto.

>From: "Lori A. Willey" <email @ redacted>
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>To: "Insulin Pumpers" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] blood at site
>Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 07:19:25 -0400
>Hello all, need some advice please.  I know YMMV too, so no problem there.
>After my sites have been in barely 2 days, I have blood on my little button
>thingie.  I use the soft sets.  I have been very active gardening etc, but
>make sure I don't bump the button.  /have had to change sites early twice 
>a row, only because the blood wouldn't go away after a bolus.  The site
>isn't sore, or red and inflamed, just bloody.  I am thinking of trying a
>rapid next change, but my other question is this:  I don't want to buy the
>shower bags just to use for this, since there is no disconnect yet, can I
>just saran wrap it and stick in a baggie and ziplock it shut?  Then I don't
>know what to do with it, hang it off my shower rod?  *vbg*
>I have been pumping almost a year, so this has not affected me until now.
>Any advice would be appreciated.
>Thanks, Lori
>Lori A. Willey
>First Express Inc.
>email @ redacted
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