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[IP] Re: shower bags

At 11:59 AM 05/22/2000 , you wrote:
>I don't want to buy the
>shower bags just to use for this, since there is no disconnect yet, can I
>just saran wrap it and stick in a baggie and ziplock it shut?  Then I don't
>know what to do with it, hang it off my shower rod?  *vbg*

When Anthony doesn't want to disconnect, we use a ziploc bag...the kind 
with the new easy zip closing.  We hang it upside down (roll the bag down 
if it's one of the gallon ones), clipped at the top with a plastic 
skirt/pant hanger.  We hang the hanger from one of the faucet 
handles.  Only the tubing will come out of the bag near the ziploc.  He's 
now using the 24" tubing and disconnects because the tubing isn't quite 
long enough to safely use the ziploc in the shower.

Works great!

mother of Anthony, 11, dx 9-22-95, pumping MM508 since 2-17-2000

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