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Re: [IP] resouvir question

if you can get most of the air bubbles out then when you prime the tubing 
make sure to hold the pump straight up and the air goes out with the priming. 
of course it may use a few more units to get it all out but it is less 

to the one who's child is getting an insulin pump for the night only i am 
asking why it would be ordered only for night use?  since then you would have 
long acting insulin in her system every day for the day time it would 
interfere with the night time pumping....wouldn't it?  i have never heard of 
this so is why i am asking.

also for the lows. i am not sure what the reading of lo on her accu chek 
complete is but alisha had one a couple of weeks ago and was not only ok she 
was swimming in the pool before and after as my mom wasn't home and my oldest 
daughter (who doesn't know anything about diab and won't learn) didn't take 
anything with them when they went swimming at my mom's but her meter and my 
mom didn't return for a while, she has had readings in the teens before and 
not felt them too. so i wonder how low she was.
later she was only 50. and had to retreat her.

for the one with the little girl on a test trial of sets you should try a 
rapid, much less invasive insertion than either of the two you tried.

congratulations to all the new pumpers today!

mom to 
Maria 21 graduating college this year
Jonathan 15  adhd and bipolar
Veronica 14 my helping hand
Alisha 10  add dx 2-2-98 pumping since 1-6-00
and grandma to
Paige 2 1/2 my little sunshine
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