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Re: [IP] resouvir question

OK All - time to share the foolproof de-bubblization (sorry for the 
new word) technique.....here we go (and I am talking MM terms 

1. make sure the insulin is room temp 
2. hold the reservoir/syringe vertically - move the plunger up and 
down a few times to spread the lubricant - then pull it back to the 
desired amount you are going to fill.
3. hold the insulin vial vertical - and insert the needle straight up 
into the insulin.


Inject the air into the insulin.  Put resistance against the plunger, 
and DO NOT PULL IT - let the air pressure move it back against 
the resistance of your thumb.  Let it fill about 50 units - then push it 
all back in.  Let the air pressure push out about 50-75 units again, 
then push it back in.  this time, give it a couple of flicks on the side 
to loosen any bubbles - and push it back in again (tightly to the 
top).  Now, allow the air pressure to push it back (again against 
resistance) until the pressure won't push any further.  then, and 
only then - do you pull the plunger out slowly to the desired 

Try it and tell me how it works.  We NEVER (I shouldn't say never - 
RARELY) have bubble problems.....


> Hi! 

> I have a question though, as much as I love my pump, i'm not looking
> foward to the set change tomorrow. I've done two already. Both times,
> it took forever. I had a really hard time getting all the air bubbles
> out of the syringe.
Steve Winer - Dad to Allie
14 y/o - dx 6/97 - MM508 12/99
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