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[IP] resouvir question


Well, i've been pumping as of 5/17/00, and am loving it! My blood sugars have 
evened out so much more than before the pump. I'm still adjusting though, 
today we upped the basal rate from 2am-8am, since I was having highs when I 
wake up. Otherwise it's been great! 

I have a question though, as much as I love my pump, i'm not looking foward 
to the set change tomorrow. I've done two already. Both times, it took 
forever. I had a really hard time getting all the air bubbles out of the 
syringe. I've tried using pens, and other things trying to get rid of the air 
bubbles, and it seems not to work. Anyone have any ideas, suggestions, 
advice??? All suggestions are welcome! 

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