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[IP] Re: Frustrating night

Kerri wrote:

>>Guess this is just another YMMV thing. I know it is recommended
to recheck the bg after 15mins but when we've done this (whether
on MDI or the pump) our daughter's bg rarely changes by much and
then we end up overtreating. So now we wait a little bit longer,
sometimes up to half an hour before we recheck. We treat with
glucose tablets or regular soda because those are the two things
that reliably and consistently work for her (other things have
just been too unpredictable) and second (or more) treatments arerarely
needed.  <<

Me too, 15 minutes is just too quick for me to check, I'm either the same or
down a few more points, if I take more carb, then I end up high after an
hour.  The Pumping Insulin Book says to wait 30 minutes to recheck and
that's what I've found to be best.  I'd rather not overtreat as I've done so
many times in the past on MDI.  I've found recently that 6 oz of regular
coca cola works wonders and brings me up fast, much faster than sweet tarts
or glucose tabs.  And, my bg is good afterwards too.

Assimilated to Max, 5/15/2000

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