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RE[IP] frustrating night

<<After that first 15g of CHO, 20 minutes is  maybe a "fairer" time than 15 
minutes to make the first test. Of course, YMMV applies to all of this.
After that 15 (or 20 minutes),  you will test and then repeat exactly what
you did the first time if you BG isn't back within range. >>

This is the basic "Rule of 15" (or 20) 15 Grams, wait 15 min, test to see if 
you need another 15 Grams. (YMMV, of course) It does take the brain about 15 
to 20 minutes to realize that your glucose level is getting to normal. You 
can overtreat to get rid of those "adrenalin/panic type" symptoms in those 15 
- 20 minutes if you don't wait. Not waiting only sets you up for a BG 
"roller-coaster ride."

Barbara B. (not the same Barbara who wrote the first message)
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