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Re: [IP] Fwd: Log Sheets

> Has anyone come up with a complete log 
> sheet idea where I can document my
> times, bg's, basals, bolus and best 
> of all carbs/types and numbers?  
I too got frustrated with the sparse amount of data 
that can be contained on the average log book...

I've written an interactive web program named 'GlucoD' 
which is at http://bgc.ppp0.com which allows me to 
track glucose levels and insulin dosages.  It's a mix 
of Javascript, PHP, and MySQL... I also keep track of 
carb intake through a comments field.  I'm around 
computers so much that this is very handy and easily 
accessable for me.

I've found myself much more able to notice trends this 
way... also helps me avoid LOOSING my logbook... If I 
had a nickle for everytime...

Now of course... this is kinda hard for anyone ELSE to 
find useful, so I'm working on a new larger project 
based on GlucoD.  I'm about 75% done with the coarse 
framework, then I'll need to put in some additional 
recording/reporting modules and such.  Don't expect 
anything TOO quickly mind you... I've got the end of 
the fiscal year comming up in a month and the 
university has decided to completely change their 
billing system so I've got to give that enough 
attention to keep getting my paycheck. I'm thinking 
somewhere in late July I should have a beta version 
ready, I think you'll be impressed...

-Sara G.

P.S. - Yes, it's password protected so don't bother 
trying to change my records :p

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