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[IP] Fwd: Log Sheets

Has anyone come up with a complete log sheet idea where I can document my 
times, bg's, basals, bolus and best of all carbs/types and numbers?  This 
cute little log books which have always been available are just not large 
enough to write all the daily info.  I need some ideas on how to log each 
days, readings, carbs, etc.  Hope you understand what I 
mean..........Thanks........Jackie P
P.S. You may email me directly.

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Does anyone have a good log sheet they use for documenting times, bg's, bolus 
and basals and food intake.  These cute little books we get just do not leave 
enough room to write everything.  I am wanting to start documenting 
EVERYTHING as some of you do but I have slips of paper everywhere.  I am sure 
you all will have some great ideas for great log sheets............Thanks, 
You may email me direct.........Jackie P

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