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Re: [IP] Statement Reaction

> A lot of people have misconceptions about 
> diabetes and learn incorrect info. for TV 
> shows, only hearing "bad" diabetes related 
> stories, etc., 
I was at a diabetes class at my hospital last wed. 
(just a refresher and getting my partner educated).  
The class was made up of two Type Is (myself and 
another woman about my age) and about 30 Type IIs.

The instructor made the comment: "Now I know some of 
you have heard scarey things about taking insulin 
injections like... `once you're on insulin you've only 
got a few years to live`" At this point I just 
thought, "now that's silly, diabetics should at least 
know better than that without even being told."

Shows what I get for giving people the benefit of the 

An older woman raised her hand and stated that she was 
under the impression that people on insulin didn't tend 
to last more than about ten years...

At this point the other Type I and I chuckled out loud 
and made refference to the fact that both of us had 
less than 2 years left in that case...

It IS interresting how many wrong assumptions people 
can make... even my own step-mother once got angry at 
me for eating a portion of a chocolate bar 
because "you're not supposed to have sugar!" (It took 
awhile to convince her that the chocolate was a good 
thing given my 40 reading)... And I always considered 
her well educated in medical matters (she works in a 
hospital -- ward clerk, not a nurse though)

- -Sara G.

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