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[IP] Re:Frustrating night !!!


I am sure there will be an avalanche of thoughts on this subject.  Just a
couple of my small thoughts here--and I'm probably repeating what you really
already know.  Perhaps the last thing you really want to do "on the way
down" is to coat your stomach with any fat,  ie., that wonderful Hershey bar
you were treating yourself to--sad but true--(or protein, for that
matter)..nothing but good ol' clear unadulterated glucose, the purer the
better.  Granted, you were 80 when you started so you probably thought you
had a little time, but "fat" confuses things and slows everything down. You
said you knew that crying made you go right down.  Assuming you don't have
other medical problems,  plain ol' glucose(whatever "straight" form works
for you) is going to have a good chance to whack away at your low BG and
help it begin to shoot  right up.

After that first 15g of CHO, 20 minutes is  maybe a "fairer" time than 15
minutes to make the first test. Of course, YMMV applies to all of this.
After that 15 (or 20 minutes),  you will test and then repeat exactly what
you did the first time if you BG isn't back within range.  It's probably
best to use fat-free milk if you decide milk is to be the helper--otherwise
you're still going to have some fat interference that you don't need.  From
my experience, only two things, BG glucose tabs and Sprite work most
quickly, for ME.   I'm wasting my time with skim milk or grapefruit juice.
For years before the pump I ate all kinds of foods I really liked when I was
low and would waste really hours feeling just plain out of it while I was
waiting for my blood sugar to rise.

I also think you have to just sit and wait and not eat anything by the time
you have been through 30g CHO.  Set the timer for a chunk of time, grab a
book , don't test, just wait before you start dumping more food into your
system.  Our bodies are a little less mechanical than we wish sometimes (why
doesn't food work just like oil on a squeak-right?)

Of course, being the emotional wreck that you were probably had a ton to do
with it all that I'm not giving enough credit to...

If I could always follow my own thoughts, life would be perfect.....

Everything is an education in this diabetes business.

Happy day, Dawn.   



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