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Re: [IP] girls, where to carry glucose tabs -------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------

Emily (8) wears a small camera bag.  It has an outside sleeve for film canisters
but we stuff it with a tube of Glucose tabs.  The other two compartments have a
cell phone and  her meter, respectively.

She usually has it slung over her head and one shoulder but occasionally she
just swing it around her head like a lasso.

The outer sleeve letsher get to it fast and it is always in the same place.  I
don't know about your kid but mine kids brain is a bit slow without glucose to
run it.  So have in the glucose in the same place all of  the time helpd out.

Oh, I forgot the new addition, a bottle opener to open the new fastTake strip
canisters.  They seem to have changed the cap and it is much more difficult to
open.  She uses her teeth with the easy ones and the new ones are very hard for

Curtis Lomax

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