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[IP] Very Confused

I am very confused about a lot of things that are going on with me.  My 
doctor cannot explain it either and that makes it worse.  For about the past 
4 months, my body seems to be screwed up.  I am only hungry when my blood 
sugars are high.  When I am normal, I feel high...I drink like I am high and 
use the bathroom like I am high.  At first we thought it was my meter.  My 
last A1c was 8.3.  My meter and records showed that it should be much higher. 
 So we decided that I should check on 2 different meters.  There was never 
any number that was way off, the 2 meters were always with in 10 pts. of each 
other.  I can still tell when I am low....sometimes it take me hitting the 
50's before I feel it thought.....but not always.

I feel like I am losing control of my diabetes.  I thought for sure my endo 
could explian and fix this problem.....but he can't.  Does anyone have any 
suggestions?  Anything will be great.  Thanks in advance!

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