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Re: [IP] Frustrating night!!!! Argh.......sorta long

I have also heard that the sugar/cho from chocolate takes a long time to take 

When that low I usually use sugared juice boxes (such as Hi-C or Capri Sun).  
They have quite a bit of sugar and carbs.  If my sugars don't raise after a 
period of time I lower my basal by at least half for 1-2 hrs. and keep 
checking to see the effect and if it needs to go longer.  This seems to help 
in the long run from having to treat and treat the low over an extended 
period of time. 

It's the pits being full and still having to eat or drink.  That's why I 
prefer the sweetened juice it seems to work quicker than a usual snack and is 
easier to keep sipping on if you sugars won't come up.  Even sweeting regular 
juice would work. 

I hope you are feeling better.

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