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Re: [IP] Frustrating night!!!! Argh.......sorta long

First of all lows should not be treated with any sort of chocolate - 
chocolate has high fat content and will take longer to raise your BS level 
and since that was the first thing you ate to treat the fat was in your 
system which may have caused the other CHO eaten to slow down the raising of 
your BS and after a few hours your BS finally when in your system and was 
overtreated and thats is why it got high.  Next time when BS is about 50-60 
take 3 glucose tabs, and 30-under 50 about 5 or 6 glucose tabs and test 
after 15 mins. BS should start raising and if you don't have glucose tabs 
then juice or regular soda will work.

I am not a doctor but this seems to work best for me and is just a 

I will end up going low.
>I decided to have a treat of about 30 CHO of a Hershey choco bar.   It was
>good. :)  I retested in 20 minutes or so; 67.   I drank 30 CHO of OJ.
>Retest in 15 minutes.  29!!!!  Yipes!  At this point I started freaking 
>I drank ANOTHER 30 CHO OJ, tested in 15 minutes AGAIN, 30!!!!!   I was
>scared so I disconnected from my pump, and then thought 'Well, maybe
>something is wrong with my meter.' I got out 2 of my backup meters, tested
>on both of them. One read a 31, the other read 29 again.  So I know that my
>meter wasn't being screwy. I ate 6 glucose tablets.  I wondered if 
>was wrong with my pump, did I give myself a bolus or did the basals somehow
>get changed?  I then decided it wasn't a smart thing to try and check this
>out while I was low.  I waited a few minutes, checked again, 39.  I drank
>30 CHO of juice, and then decided to have some milk with it to see if it
>would prolong
>the effect of the juice.  Checked in 15 minutes.  47.  (By this point I was
>fit to burst
>because my stomach was so full).  I ate another 6 glucose tablets.  Checked
>in 15
>minutes.   91.  Whew.  Then I checked my pump - everything was still the
>same, nothing
>had been changed, and I didn't give myself a bolus.  I stayed up for 
>checked my sugar again,
>and it was a 93.  I went to bed, checked at three this morning, it was an
>88; at 7 this morning
>it was a 355.  All in all I wasn't disappointed with the high because I 
>it was gonna be
>wacky.  Does this seem weird to anyone?  I've had episodes where I've been
>low for around a half hour
>or so and have to continue eating, but not for hours on end.  Thanks for
>listening.  :)
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