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[IP] Re: Back to Cereal again... -- update

<original message--part>
<bgs were as follows:  121 (after I took the time before breakfast to
change my set and cartridge), 180 one hour after breakfast (8:45 a.m.),
got a little nervous and took a 0.5 bolus then, 126 two hours after
breakfast (9:45 a.m.), 58 at 11:00 a.m.  Guess I shouldn't taken that
extra 0.5, huh? *grin*  I'm just beginning to think that I'll just have
to live with that quick rise after breakfast.  My CDE requires testing
one hour after every meal, and it works fine the rest of the day.>

Hi RoseLea,

I definitely would not bolus anything after a 1 hour check. Even with
using Humalog, you still have 76% of humalog still to go! After 2 hours,
you still have 36% to go. After 3 hours, only 15%.  It's obviously
different for each person, but this is the data that comes with the
humalog insuling, so it's an "average."
Best to see what is happening after 2 hours, then bolus for highs (but
still realize that 1/3 of the insulin is still working to bring your
blood sugars down!).

You may also want to try 1) testing your blood sugar as soon as you get
up, and 2) giving your bolus right then (or 1/2 hour before you eat) to
give the insulin a little more time to work before you eat. Experiment a
little with timing (not just amount), and you may find it makes quite a

Also, personally I'd be delighted if my blood sugar "high" was 180 an
hour after the meal (if it is just temporary). Even the pump can't give
us perfect control! But by altering the timing you may be able to get it
a little better.

Hope this helps!

Todd (no expert, but I feel a bit like more of a "veteran" after 4
months of being on the pump)

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