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Re: [IP] Statement Reaction

It sounds as if these types of comments are coming from people who don't know 
much about diabetes.  I agree that educating these people is a step in the 
right direction.  I also think saying "Hey, your wrong about me and my 
diabetes" and then explaining could be better.  A lot of people have 
misconceptions about diabetes and learn incorrect info. for TV shows, only 
hearing "bad" diabetes related stories, etc., or haven't expressed interest 
in learning about a diabetic friend.  My sister and I are very open and 
discuss our diabetes with family & friend who are very supportive.  We know 
there are a lot of "us" (diabetics) out there and we may have to handle our 
daily situations a little differently but we are as capable as anyone else.:) 
 Don't let them get you down!
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