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[IP] Frustrating night!!!! Argh.......sorta long

Hi all -

Well, last night was a doozy.

Let me start by saying that I am completely stressed out right now.  There
have been some problematic developments with the diabetes camp I do work
for; it now appears it won't be going on, and I made a tough decision last
night to resign from my position for this summer.  (If anyone wants to know
what's going on please mail me privately, I don't feel it will be entirely
appropriate to air the dirty laundry on the list since it involves some
pretty big players).  Let's suffice it to say that I am horribly
disappointed at how things are turning out, and I am not the only one who
had to make this awful decision last night.

This all leads to my BG's last night.  One of the other staffers who
resigned last night contacted me on ICQ, we chatted for well over an hour
and a half about the problems until after midnight.  I spent about a half an
hour crying while we were chatting, my friend felt the same way, he said he
needed a shoulder to cry on, so we were busy trying to support each other.
When we were done chatting I tested my blood sugar, it was an 80, and I know
that whenever I'm stressed to the point that I cry I will end up going low.
I decided to have a treat of about 30 CHO of a Hershey choco bar.   It was
good. :)  I retested in 20 minutes or so; 67.   I drank 30 CHO of OJ.
Retest in 15 minutes.  29!!!!  Yipes!  At this point I started freaking out.
I drank ANOTHER 30 CHO OJ, tested in 15 minutes AGAIN, 30!!!!!   I was
scared so I disconnected from my pump, and then thought 'Well, maybe
something is wrong with my meter.' I got out 2 of my backup meters, tested
on both of them. One read a 31, the other read 29 again.  So I know that my
meter wasn't being screwy. I ate 6 glucose tablets.  I wondered if something
was wrong with my pump, did I give myself a bolus or did the basals somehow
get changed?  I then decided it wasn't a smart thing to try and check this
out while I was low.  I waited a few minutes, checked again, 39.  I drank
30 CHO of juice, and then decided to have some milk with it to see if it
would prolong
the effect of the juice.  Checked in 15 minutes.  47.  (By this point I was
fit to burst
because my stomach was so full).  I ate another 6 glucose tablets.  Checked
in 15
minutes.   91.  Whew.  Then I checked my pump - everything was still the
same, nothing
had been changed, and I didn't give myself a bolus.  I stayed up for awhile,
checked my sugar again,
and it was a 93.  I went to bed, checked at three this morning, it was an
88; at 7 this morning
it was a 355.  All in all I wasn't disappointed with the high because I knew
it was gonna be
wacky.  Does this seem weird to anyone?  I've had episodes where I've been
low for around a half hour
or so and have to continue eating, but not for hours on end.  Thanks for
listening.  :)
Dawn email @ redacted

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