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[IP] re: amy's basals

 Now, my basals are---
 12am 0.7
4:30am 0.8
7:30am 1.0
10:30am 0.8
1:30pm  0.7
3:30pm  0.8
9:30pm  0.7

 I just readjusted all the beginning of this month..by
programming my middle dose of 0.8 for 24 hrs, and
making adjustments from a. the patterns that I began
to see right away, and b. the background knowledge
from what the times and increases/decreases in my
basals had been from the rates that had worked for the
past 6 months...
 Now, it seems the half hour mark, ie 7:30 not 7am, is
just better for me. They're not perfect, yesterday I
was low at 730am, but today I was good then and 50 at
12pm after eating at 10am---what I'm saying, is it
will never be perfect. At my 2week pumping checkup
last summer, i crashed to 34 right before I saw the
doc (not a good scenario!), and I was sure that
indicated a prob, as it'd been I'd been running ni the
70s since I got the pump and then 34, well physically
I didn't want to be that low---my endo wanted no basal
changes, but *I* and my big mouth insisted...so I made
a minor change in the am, which I kept about 3 days,
just realizing, am's will never be perfect, but on the
whole I'm happy that lately I wake up about 110 and am
about 100 by lunch.....
 I am now looking to add one more basal in the evening
b/c I'm great at 10 and low at 11, so I think I'll
more fun making adjustments :-) (I'm told I have too
many basals, but for me, the more I have the smoother
I am on the whole)

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