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Re: [IP] Statement Reaction

I guess I would come out and ask the people just what they think diabetes
is and listen and then educate them if they seem to want to be educated. 
It seems they were just asking you about your back in case you had a back
problem and were being honest in thier reply to you when you commented back.
When we had friends help move us we also asked if anyone had back problems.
Yes a coupld did so we did not want them lifting the very heavy items but
we needed thier help in other ways.
So if they are your good friends I would talk to them about it. 
I don't know you do I couldn't say if you were being over senstive about
this or not. But this IS your chance to talk about your diabetes with them.
PS I don't let people get to me by thier comments as I use those situations
as an opportunity to educate. 

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