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[IP] Statement Reaction

Some of you know from some previous postings that I have had problems with 
rejection due to my diabetes. Over 39 years it has touched a lot of areas 
including school, work and romance. Today I was helping move a moderately 
heavy box that was bulky. Bending over I was asked if I had any back 
problems and I replied no it was as good as the rest of me. I heard the 
reply Oh no I wish you hadn't said that and I asked if that wasn't a 
reassuring statement. Their final statement surprised me when they said I 
know about your diabetes. The surprise is turning into depression and is 
pulling up past occurrences to help fan the flames. It just seems that more 
and more my life is being totally predicated on the fact that I am diabetic 
and am unable to care for myself or to help anyone else. Have I been overly 
sensitized to this type of comment and behavior? Does anyone else feel like 
that? What do you do?


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