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Re: [IP] Strenuous exercise for a couch potato

I went on a similar trip a few years ago in Florida.  He will need to change
his basals, but that's not really something you can do before he goes.  I'm
sure there will be at least one doctor there and they will be testing very
often.  Also, when I went we ate A LOT.  So, he might not only adjust his
basals, but also his carb ratio.  Before he goes the best thing he can do is
just get used to being on a bike and out in the heat.  He doesn't have to go
70 miles a day, but start out small and slow.  And if he tests before,
during, and after he bikes now, it will give him a better idea as to how his
body reacts to the exercise.  Also get him into the habit of drinking water
if he doesn't already, that was something I had a problem with.  As for
bikes, a good 10 speed with thick tires (a mountain bike) would be best.
Good luck and I hope he enjoys it.


>My son, Josh, has just been notified that he has been accepted to go on a
>week, 700 mile bike trip with the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana.
>Although he loves the outdoors and exercise, he is pretty much a couch
>during the school year.  My question is how best to get him prepared for
>trip.  He really wants to go on this trip- he has been to diabetes camp six
>times (he is 16) and now he wants something new and different.  I also
>about his basals with riding approx. 70 miles/day.  Also, any suggestions
>the type of bike he needs? The trip is supposed to be a challenge-
>blood sugars while exercising intensely. They leave July 15, so he needs to
>get with it since school will be out Wednesday.  Thanks for any insight.
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