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Re: [IP] Back to cereal again......

RoseLea wrote:
 >>>>This morning I woke up with a high (208), am still working on that
nightime basal.  For breakfast at 7:00am I ate 1 1/4 c. puffed wheat
cereal (11g carb) with 3/4
c. 2% milk (9g carb) and 1/2 c. orange juice (14g carb).  Running a basal
0.6 I took a bolus of 5.5u (3.5 for breakfast and 2 for the 208 high). 
8:30am I was 226, at 9:30am I was 122, at 11:00 am I was 52 (ate 15g of
for the low) and was 121 at noon.

Assimilated with Max 05/15/2000!<<<<<<

How soon after your cereal was that 8:30am test that was 226?  I have
always been told to wait at least  2 hours after eating before I test to
see if my bolus covered my meal or not.  If you test any sooner you are
looking at a number that hasn't reached full effect of your insulin yet
and to adjust by that number could be setting your self up to crash
later.  Did you do a correction bolus at 8:30 am?  Also humalog seems to
peak differently in different people so you may want to determine when
that peak is for you and test at that time after a meal.  And you can't
tell if your basal is right just by looking at an after meal test.  you
need to fast to test those most of the time.   
And I totally understand your love of cereal.  We have at least 12 boxes
in our house on any given day.  I can't resist a good deal on cereal and
when I find one, I stock up.  And if cereal is soo bad for us then why do
we start our days with it.  My son's developmental pediatrician ( he's
autistic) told me once, when my son was being a very picky eater and
would only eat cereal, not to worry.  And if he ate a whole box one day
that was fine.  At least he was eating something with lots of vitamins
and such, instead of the other crap that's out there that normal kids

This is just my .02 worth

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