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[IP] Urgent Answers Needed- High BG

I am a Type I, dxed 35 years ago, with minimal neuropathy, retinopathy as 
well as gastroparesis [ dxed 2 years ago and on 10mg. Reglan].  For the past 
few days my BG has climbed to the 300's FOR NO APPARENT REASON.
I have 'tested' all the usual things, no meter problems, insulin 
deterioration [new bottle], site deterioration, carb counts and boluses.  
Stress level is minimal except for the diabetes.  I've been checking my BG 
every 2 hours and bolusing for highs 24 hours a day. My endo is unavailable 
and 60 miles away.  The problem seems to have accelerated in the past 2 

At first I thought I might be rebounding from a hypo somehow at night and 
checked every hour during the night [sleeping in between :-)].  This morning 
when I checked at 4 a.m. I was 187 [after a 2 a.m. bolus] and by 6 a.m. I 
was 250, so I bolused again - not too much [to allow for the 'tail'], and 
doubled my basal rate.  What other reasons might the liver dump glucose?  No 
menopausal hormone issues I'm aware of- or any others apparent either. No 
known virus or bacterial issues.

Has this happened to anyone else? How much glucose is there to possibly 
dump.  My appetite is practically nil due to the highs, but I'm eating small 
meals 3x a day anyway.  I'm worried about DKA, though occasionally my BG 
passes through normal, but it hasn't stayed there. How about Liver disease.

Help please!  Please email me privately as I get the Digest and sometimes 
miss posts.  It is 8 a.m. CST on Sunday.  I'm waiting for your reply.  
Thanks and God bless.

DXed 35 years ago, Type I and STILL LEARNING
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