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[IP] Strenuous exercise for a couch potato

My son, Josh, has just been notified that he has been accepted to go on a two 
week, 700 mile bike trip with the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana.  
Although he loves the outdoors and exercise, he is pretty much a couch potato 
during the school year.  My question is how best to get him prepared for this 
trip.  He really wants to go on this trip- he has been to diabetes camp six 
times (he is 16) and now he wants something new and different.  I also worry 
about his basals with riding approx. 70 miles/day.  Also, any suggestions on 
the type of bike he needs? The trip is supposed to be a challenge- regulating 
blood sugars while exercising intensely. They leave July 15, so he needs to 
get with it since school will be out Wednesday.  Thanks for any insight.
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