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Re: [IP] basal changes

Hi Julie,
When I first began on the pump 5 yrs ago we regulary were changing basals
until we found what worked for me. Now they get changed if I have an
infection, or if there are some exercise changes ot food changes. I guess
this isn't too often but this is for me. YMMV meaning everyone has thier
own ways of working out thier basals for what is right for thier body.
Using a pump and changing basals and working out units for carbohydrates
and bolusing is varied for each person. Diabetes while it has some things
in common is really an individual disease. I have found there really are no
set rules when it comes to pumping.
Are you having problems with basal rates by chance?
email @ redacted

At 01:54 AM 05/21/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Do you all regularly fine-tune your basal rates?  Do you do it only if you
>notice problem bgs or on a regular basis?

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