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Re: [IP] Back to Cereal again...

i think part of the low after breakfast is too much bolus for your am bs. 
unless you are very insulin resistant, as you want to end up with your bs in 
the 100 range not 50 or less range.
i don't remember what you bolused for your cereal, but some cereal grains run 
a higher bs than other, such as oatmeal even in the quick cook or long cook 
state runs my daughters bs higher than if she ate fruit loops or something 
else.  try another grain of cereal and see if the problem continues if so 
then adjusting the bolus or giving a second dose of bolus after eating may 
the dawn phenomenon is what you are talking about the bs being higher in the 
congratulations on pumping

mom to 
Maria 21 graduating college this year
Jonathan 15  adhd and bipolar
Veronica 14 my helping hand
Alisha 10  add dx 2-2-98 pumping since 1-6-00
and grandma to
Paige 2 1/2 my little sunshine
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