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: [IP] The right to refuse antibiotics

I wrote :
> > I suppose I could have avoided the whole thing by lying about the
> > heart murmur on the dental form, but I found out I am incapable of

Natalie replied:
> Boy can I relate!!!!  :(
.> Ya know, if I were you, and didn't want to take the antibiotics, I'd
> just keep my mouth shut, and when asked if I took them, sweetly say "Oh,
> of COURSE!!!".  Since it's to be an hour before the appt. how would they
> know??
>  > The dentist is probably worried about his own liability, and possibly
> about whether it's ethical to do something he thinks is dangerous. One
> thing to do is to show him the updated guidelines from the AHA -- I'm
> pretty sure I saw a section that said that people with mitral valve
> prolapse but NO regurgitation are at low risk and don't need
> antibiotics.

Thanks, Natalie.  You do understand.  I read that report from AHA which is
why I questioned my internist about the regurgitation and whether I was
moderate or high risk.  She just said I was low risk, no regurgitation  and
that she still felt I had to take the antibiotic.  The dentist just wants
authorization from some doctor, period.   So first I will dicuss it with my
endo in June  and at any rate I am not returning to the internist who
doesn't care that my bg is out of whack and that I have  a history of
serious dehydration due to vomiting.  The pump is great at keeping me out of
the hospital, so I guess some doctors assume that vomiting is not that
serious anymore.

And Ginny wrote:
> Denise,
> Yes you have a right to refuse treatment but the dentist also has a right
> to refuse to take care of you because if something happened he would be
> one who would have to answer the consequences. BTW Clindamycin is one
> antibiotic that is only given in severe cases of infections

Clindamycin is used in those patients who are allergic to penicillin.  :-(
Also it is given in just one large dose one hour prior to dental work and
yes even that messes up my stomach for several weeks.  Now you see why it
really matters for me to know if in my case it is necessary at all.
I too read about all medications before taking them and that's when I found
out that you can't take certain antibiotics while on Propulsid (now that's
going off the market in July) .  Isn't it interesting... and frustrating..
that we are encouraged to be proactive in our diabetic care, we accept the
responsibilities that go with pumping and even begin to feel more in charge
of ourselves and then BAM! The rug is pulled out from under you  and you
have to start all over finding a doctor who will speak to you intelligently.
Sigh..  Well back to testing bgs, basals and boluses.  My stomach should
settle down a litle faster now that I've got all this off my chest!

Denise Guerin
Type 1 45 years

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