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[IP] adjusting basals--cereal probs in am

This is definitely a YMMV thing, but  I randomly redid
all basals the beginning of May, because of entering
into a ridiculously high stress time--after a week,
things were good---basically, i changed times of old
basals that i'd had for 8 months, and added a higher
one...so now i have 7 basals (mye ndo thinks 2 is
enough, but now, my bg are about 110
nonstop)--anyhoiw, during that week, mornings were the
worst....eating or not, i'd go high. My bg:cho ratio
is 1:15 before 10am, and i thought 1:10 was enough for
bfast, but really found i need a sky high
basal....took forever to figure out....so, from
7;30-10am iam higher than i'd ever been with my basal
(1.0) and I start raising from 0.7 at 4:30am instead
of 7:30am....of coiruse, that does not work if i don't
eat...I go low if I dont' eat breafkast but am I fine
if I do, and sometimes I'm great without food...for
now, that's the best solution (bfast is usually milk
and reg. cheerios)--but just playing with the exact
times of basals REALLY helped..and it's been 3 nights
since a 3am check!!!--woken up 2x at 110, and 50 this
am (but it was 730am, not 6am...)

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