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Re: [IP] New pumper questions about basal testing

geneva started pumping in june of last year and we are just in the last two
months getting things somewhat figured out.  but kids have growth hormones
which put a BIG dent in our theories.

as far as fasting...geneva has never fasted.  except at nightime , of
course.  this just MIGHT have something to do with our taking so long to get
basals figured out.  the only time I am sure of her basals is when she
sleeps in or is ill and not eating!

you will get lots of info /advice from this list.  eventually it will all
get figured out and then something will mess it up.  like growing or
illness.  but it is still worth the energy.


> email @ redacted wrote:
> > My son has been on the pump for almost 6 weeks but I was noticing that
> > numbers were not always making sense so we have begun basal testing
> > the guidelines in the Pumping Insulin book.  I am frustrated because a
> > of days we were unable to test because of a too high blood sugar at
> > (we're doing night basals right now).  It seems as though this process
> > go on for quite some time.  Has anyone else followed this same routine
and if
> > so, how did it go and how long did it take to get things smoothed out

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