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Re: [IP] Back to Cereal again...


A possibility is that your higher basal is going on for too long, after your
morning high period is over.  I've seen on the list, experienced myself and
read that it usually takes a couple of hours for a change in basal rate to
show an effect on your blood sugars, so perhaps tinkering with the time you
end the higher basal will help.  Talk to your CDE about that -- it looks
like the basal insulin is bringing you too far down after the breakfast
bolus has taken care of the cereal (or roast antelope, or whatever you want
to eat for breakfast :)

I should add that your blood sugars are MUCH better than mine -- we're still
tinkering with basals and carb ratios after a month and a half, and you are
only 5 days into it.  So I think it's a little premature to swear off cereal
forever at this point.  Give yourself (and Max) a little more time to adjust
to each other before you throw in other big changes to your lifestyle!

Just my .02 worth.
Kathy Trondsen

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