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In today's Ft. Worth Star Telegram an article titled "New cell transplant 
offers hope to reversing diabetes" this article states "Eight adults with 
severe diabetes quit their insulin shots after Canadian scientists tried a 
new technique in transplanting pancreas cells" "Dr. James Shapiro of the 
University of Alberta tried a new technique.  Shapiro made a number of 
changes to standard islet transplants.  The most important: He didn't give 
patients steroids, which transplant recipients commonly use to keep their 
immune systems from attacking transplanted cells or organs.  Shapiro 
substituted a new genetically engineered anti-rejection drug called Zenapax.  
He used far higher islet-cell doses than ever tried.  A normal pancreas has 
almost 1 million islet cells, yet surgeons have been unable to cull more than 
half that number from donated pancreases.  Shapiro used two pancreases to 
obtain enough cells."  The article goes on to say the 8 have been 
injection-free for 14 months.
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