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Re: [IP] What Do You All Drink?

I drink bottled water. Or LaCroix which has flavoring but no sweetners. It
comes in 4 flavors.
Or Perrier which comes in natural, lemon or lime..I do not drink any pop
unless for a low.
I drink a couple of herbel iced teas and I will drink unsweetned raspberry
tea if we go to Olic Garden along with thier bottled water. I cannot drink
city chorinated water.
I do have a cup of decaf coffee when I am out or something hot tea. But I
use Stevia.
My dentist explained to me that for gum and tooth care for peolple with
diabetes water is the best thing to drink and to drink alot of it as it
continually helps to wask away any foods left on the teeth. I am quite
allergic to red and yellow food  dyes and some chemical preservatives so I
stay away from things like crystal which I think tastes awful and any other
drinks such as kool aide  or pops. The purest pop I drink if I am low is 7
up. I don't handle caffeien very well and since my body is made up of
mostly water what a good thing to enjoy as well as natural flavored water.
All of the other drinks are chemicals, colors and not something I care to
put into my body anyway. I don't drink any alcohol.
Stevia is a great sweetner! It is an herb and not much is required to make
things a little sweet. I like to use that and one or two 1/2 (not
artificial creamers) in my decaf. 
My mom uses the artifical creamers and most have corn syrup in them so I
told her she needed to take that into consideration as she drinks several
cups of coffee during the day.
Well that is what I drink.:) In my coffee I do once in a while add a
flavoring. But that is when I am out for dinner. I don't drink coffee at
home because Jerry doesn't like it and I don't like to drink it alone.
Well now you all know about my drinking life.LOL I live on water,. I drink
8 larges glasses a day. I really feel it is heathier on my kidneys then all
of the colored artifical stuff and more nutritious also.
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