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Re: [IP] The right to refuse antibiotics

Yes you have a right to refuse treatment but the dentist also has a right
to refuse to take care of you because if something happened he would be the
one who would have to answer the consequences. BTW Clindamycin is one
antibiotic that is only given in severe cases of infections. It is not the
one to be prescribed as it CAUSES intestinal problems so maybe ypur
intestinal problems were created by the side effects of this antibiotic?.
I have a heart murmur also. To protect the heart since there is a murmur I
am placed on augmentin (amoxicillin with potassium clavante (sp)) before
and during a dental procedure including cleaning because the mouth has a
lot of bacteria that can infect the heart valve, heart or lining around the
heart but I don't understand clindimycin being used maybe you could ask
about that. My daughter used to be given clindamycin for sinus infections
until one day our doctor told us that that antibiotic is only used now for
severe infections (I mean life threatemning ones) because it has such bad
side effects. In fact the info I have on Clindamycin says if severe
intestinal pains or cramping begins to Stop the medication. You can look up
info on the medications on the internet by going to:

and read about this medication. There you can see the seriousness of the
antibiotic and maybe using this one is not the right one for you and eems a
bit overkill (No pun intended) :)
But your dentist has a much right to treat you as you your right to not
take his advice and refuse the antibiotic. If your echogram showed NO risk
it would be different in my opinion but a LOW risk still indicates there
may be a risk so your dentists don't wish to hurt you nor do they want to
place thier life's work on the line either. 
I hope something works out with you.
I am on antibiotics right now because I am having a tooth pulled tomorrow
(have been on it for 4 days so far) and had antibiotics when I had my teeth
cleaned and scaled. Have you ever seen the scuzzy stuff come off teeth? As
diabetics we are also more prone to infections and I don't care for my life
to have to deal with more.

It isn't worth the risk of an infection and I do have gastroparesis. I
also am given an RX for nystatin to prevent yeast. I take the Nystatin
along with my antibiotic.
I really think that the antibiotic you wer given may have been too strong.
Please look it up. I read about every med I am prescribe because I react to
fillers and colors and preservatives in them  I either have it specailly
compounded or we find another one. Food dyes trigger my stomach as well If
there isn't an alternative then we look at another family and if we have
exhausted all that then I refuse but I sign a release form freeing the
doctors from any law suits etc. If you really do not wish to take any pre
medications maybe that is something you can tell your doctors that you
would be willing to sign a release protecting them. But still a low risk is
a risk especially so with having diabetes. But you have a right to
refuse..and so does the doctor then have a right to refuse to no longer
treat you but maybe if you feel so strongly about it you can talk to them
about signing a release and maybe there can be a win-win situation.
I wish you the best..It is something what we have to think about at times
isn't it?
Please though do read about Clindimycin..it has its purpose for severe
infections for those already dealing with one but should really not be used
as a primary antibiotic..
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