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[IP] Pump update!!!

  Here's an update on Riley's (almost 5 years old) pump!!!  He starts packin' heat monday!!!!:O)  Of
course, it's blanks at first (saline) but than he'll get the real deal (insulin) on Wed, or Thurs.
We got our D pump in the mail on Wed and he hasn't taken it off voluntarily since then!!!!!:O)  I
must say, I'm VERY surprised-I thought we'd have trouble with him leaving it on but he has been
really responsible about it.  I think he knows!  I just told him-he can wear this or take shots-which
do you want? LOL!  He has decided on a name for his new blue friend.  I asked him what he wanted to
call it and he said: "nothing!"-I asked him if he was sure he didn't want to name him?  He said:
"Yes, mom his name is NOTHING-that's his name!".  Pretty smart because if anyone asks what he's
wearing he can say: "Nothing"!!!:O)  One question tho'-I'm sorry if this is offensive?  How do you
all gotto the bathroom if it's clipped to your pants?  Riley forgets and pulls his pants down (when
he has to sit) and ends up yanking it off.  Should I just clip it to something else for now?  Any

Take care,
Amy-mom to Tyler, Riley (almost 5, dx'd 7-1-99 & pumping next week!), Mason, Cailin Rose

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