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[IP] The right to refuse antibiotics

When my dentist died  I tried two new dentists. Each one required (unlike my
old dentist)that I be premedicated before any dental work (even a cleaning)
because I have a heart murmur. An echocardiogram done two years ago showed
that I am in the low risk category (no valve regurgitation) in terms of
developing a heart infection from dental work. Still, my internist won't
budge from her position that I must take an antibiotic before dental work
and I am at my wit's end.  Each time I take an antibiotic my gastroparesis
gets out of whack and it takes a good two weeks for me to stop cramping,
vomiting etc.  Last week I needed minor repair to the bonding on a tooth and
I am still nauseous and vomiting at night from the single dose of
Clindamycin I had to take. My bg which had stabilized is all over the place.
My question is this:  Don't I have the right to refuse the antibiotic
without my dentist refusing to treat me?  He said that he needed a written
statement from my doctor that I do not need the premedication  or he won't!
My internist refuses to talk to me about it so I had her office fax the
result of the echocardiogram to my endo whom I am seing in June  and I hope
he can advise me. I really like the new dentist and want to continue using
him.  I suppose I could have avoided the whole thing by lying about the
heart murmur on the dental form, but I found out I am incapable of lying!
:-(   Oh well, I suppose I can always learn....I hate the feeling of
powerlessness I am experiencing and I have to get out of that before I go
down the depression path.   Can anyone share with me on this one? ( By the
way, I have no intention of returning to the internist who refuses to
discuss the issue with me)
Denise Guerin
Type 1 45 years
Pumping 2 years

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