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Re: [IP] Zipper Abuse - Longish

In a message dated 5/18/00 5:58:54 AM EST, email @ redacted writes:

<< Can a zipper cut a
 tube and ruin it or are these tubes strong enough to handle the abuse? >>

When I went on the pump on July 31, 1996, I was excited, nervous, and 
super-confident that I could handle anything (where was this list when I 
needed it then?).  My pump trainer was going out of town a couple of days 
after I got hooked up, so she called and asked if I wanted her help to change 
out the first time, even though it would mean doing it earlier than planned. 
I wished her a good trip and reassured her I'd be fine.  Well, my husband and 
I went out on our usual Friday night date--dinner and a movie-- and being 
superconfident, as I said, I knew I could handle bolusing at a restaurant.  
But I guess old habits die hard.  I went into the restroom to bolus.  Figured 
I'd take care of going to the bathroom, too, while I was there and all.  
Didn't know until I got home 4 hours later and my shirttail and jeans were 
wet that I'd cut the tubing in my zipper when I zipped up my jeans.  I just 
about freaked.  My bg was about 300, it was 10:30 at night and I was facing 
my first set change.  It only took me two sets and about an hour, but I 
finally got it in.  Didn't give up pumping, either.  But I did learn that 
asking for and/or accepting help and suggestions can be a very smart thing to 
do. Even for us overconfident types.  I also learned that the tubing came in 
shorter lengths :)

Brenda Hendren Martinez
D 43 years
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