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Re: [IP] What Do You All Drink?

Holly said:

>I'm trying to get my 10yo off artificially sweetened drinks.  She doesn't
>like just water, who would?

Part of it depends on why you want her off the artificial sweetener.  I
think (although I'm not a supermarket stocker) that Crystal Lite and
flavored seltzer water (the unsweetened kind) are likely to have some sort
of artificial sweetener.

The tea idea is a good one, as is the lemon-water.  It takes a
carbohydrately insignificant amount of lemon juice to flavor a pitcher of
water (a tablespoon might be overkill for a quart of water, but you can
always add more or thin it with more water).  If you are worried about the
caffeine in tea, there are a lot of good herbal teas in flavors she might
like -- Celestial Seasonings Wild Berry Zinger comes to mind.  A lot of them
are good cold.  They may taste better if you brew them with a couple of cups
of hot water and more tea bags than anyone would think necessary, and then
add cold water to taste.  Herb tea doesn't steep too well in cold water.

If the caffeine isn't a concern (tea doesn't have that much compared to pop
and/or coffee) Lipton makes a Honey & Lemon flavored black tea that's good
cold.  A regular 1 cup water/1 teabag for 5 min or so cup has 1 g of carb,
and tastes remarkably sweet when you know it doesn't really have enough
honey in it to shake a stick at.

If you want more suggestions from a long-time tea drinker, let me know, and
let me know what kinds of flavors your daughter likes, and I'll try to be
more specific.  If it's out there, I've probably tried it :)

Hope this helps.
Kathy Trondsen
D for 34 years and drinking unsweetened tea at least that long.

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