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Re: [IP] Arguments

To add to this thread, you might also want to try:

"Then whom can you refer me to who practices proactive, assertive 
management of diabetes? Whom can you recommend who believes in dealing with 
diabetes *now*, rather than dealing with the problems and complications 

This may get someone's attention .....

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

> > Now, I think that's all such glorious puckey, but I'm
> > in need of a good argument to give her as to WHY it
> > is...
>How bout "It's not working, what can I do to that may help?.....NOW"
>Healing tends to be better with more stable and "normal" BS..... (that's
>blood sugar - though another definition may be appropriate in this
>situation...)  :)
>Anything new is much easier in the beginning.....
>Send me to "pump training" so I may be able to use some of the information
>to help my current regimen...   and then... Since I had the training time
>for a pump....
>passive aggressive....  Are you basing your directions on THEORY or
>Assuming she isn't diabetic..... If you were diabetic would you be
>satisfied being in my situation?  How are you going to help ME NOT feel
>dependent on YOU for MY LIFE?
>The responsibility is really mine not yours.  No matter what you say, you
>can't do it for me....
>If you (CDE) were in my position (diabetic) would you consider your
>directions reasonable?
>Jim S.
>email @ redacted

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