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Re: [IP] Arguments

Hi Sara,

"Sara M. G." wrote:


> Now, I think that's all such glorious puckey, but I'm
> in need of a good argument to give her as to WHY it
> is...

How bout "It's not working, what can I do to that may help?.....NOW"

Healing tends to be better with more stable and "normal" BS..... (that's
blood sugar - though another definition may be appropriate in this
situation...)  :)

Anything new is much easier in the beginning.....

Send me to "pump training" so I may be able to use some of the information
to help my current regimen...   and then... Since I had the training time
for a pump....

passive aggressive....  Are you basing your directions on THEORY or

Assuming she isn't diabetic..... If you were diabetic would you be
satisfied being in my situation?  How are you going to help ME NOT feel
dependent on YOU for MY LIFE?

The responsibility is really mine not yours.  No matter what you say, you
can't do it for me....

If you (CDE) were in my position (diabetic) would you consider your
directions reasonable?

Jim S.
email @ redacted

Remembering my appointment with the nurse in her first week as a CDE.


> -Sara G.

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